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"We may see our kids everyday, and never truly know who they are"...






When various social media outlets came about I refused to join the world of irrelevant daily updates regarding what people were eating, where they were going, what current emotional state they were in, or their dating status.  But "Did you see what he/she posted," replaced land line conversations, so I gave in and joined the likes of twitter.  It was cool to see morning motivational quotes, various political views, getting hip to new  podcasts, and being introduced to artist radio refused to give a platform.  But as of recent, the need to share negative images and bad news is out weighing  humorous snippets and joint conversations about trending t.v. shows.  The "Let's get Delonte West" help out cry while shamefully re-posting  the former NBA player handcuffed, incoherent, and in a vulnerable state garnered millions of views. The police officer who recorded and posted the video of West could've   reached out to his family or made sure he received psychiatric treatment.  Instead the officer is now suspended because  the need  to showcase someones fall from grace replaced his duty to serve the community.  The infamy that gossip sites, and some journalist are willing to  partake in just to be the first to break a story should also have some consequences. The tragic news of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Giana , and seven other passengers passing in a helicopter crash was reported by TMZ and other media outlets before all families were properly notified.  At some point morals have to replace the need to trend online and take into consideration peoples families are forever affected long after the hashtag stops trending. Maybe it's time to suspend the online accounts of news outlets and people who lack the decency of compassion, the same way accounts of hate groups are banned.  Or we can simply log off, and be less social on social media.   

Two Minute Drill....Weekly sports Wrap by J. Higdon

Learning to Love Kobe Bryant by J. Higdon

Despite being one of the greatest players  to ever play in the NBA, I wasn't always a fan of Kobe Bryant. It was my  relentless support of Shaq that forced me to negate what little admiration I had for Kobe and the Lakers.  But when Kobe announced his retirement I wanted to watch every televised game, because I knew that was the last chance I'd get to see a legend.  Kobe's  Oscar winning animated poem "Dear Basketball"  tugged at my heart, and diminished what petty animosity I held towards him.  Post NBA Kobe's interviews regarding his support for the WNBA,  the opening of Mamba Academy where he took time to mentor current NBA players,  and his dedication to coaching his daughter Giana's AAU basketball team made me a fan of the man Kobe Bryant.  So when I woke up to the news that Kobe  and his daughter passed away my heart ached for his wife, and family.  The post of Kobe practicing animal sounds with his youngest daughter Capri Kobe, him sitting court side with Giana, countless family pics with his wife Vanessa, and saying,"It takes a king to make a princesses " is what I will remember most about Kobe Bean Bryant.  No longer will I compare or debate whether Kobe is equivalent to Michael Jordan or better than LeBron James,  because there was only one Mamba. Your jersey deserves to hang in every rafter so no one will ever forget, the legacy of Kobe Bryant.